Valuation Services in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Viet Nam.

1. Valuation of Commercial Properties – Offices and Retail Centres

PDReal has extensive experience in the office and retail/shopping sector. This gives us the most current, up-to-date and accurate market knowledge for the valuation of all types of commercial property. Valuation Services

With direct access to sales and rental data from our agency teams, we have the most up-to-date database enabling our valuers to provide you with an opinion on the open market value of all types of commercial real estate.

2. Property Portfolio Valuations

Our valuation team is highly organized and experienced in carrying out property portfolio valuations of multiple properties. Valuation Services

PDReal has carried out valuations for almost all of the property funds listed on the various Vietnamese stock exchanges. Our major clients include most well-known real estate developers and funds in Vietnam.

3. Residential Property Valuations

PDReal is frequently assigned to undertake valuations of apartment buildings, condominium developments and housing projects. Valuation Services

Over the past 08 years, we have valued a wide variety of residential projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Danang, Vung Tau.

4. Industrial Property Valuations

Industrial factories and warehouse buildings have numerous variations and specifications, affecting their value, both for existing use and for disposal. Valuation Services

Our industrial agency team provides us with a detailed knowledge of industrial property types, specifications and market demand, enabling PDReal provide you with accurate and detailed valuations of all types of industrial property as well as serviced industrial land plots. Valuation Services

5. Land Valuations

We routinely value undeveloped or raw land, including large sites for commercial development and small vacant land plots. Valuation Services

Our approach varies and, in locations where there is good potential for a commercial real estate development project, we may value by direct comparison or use a residual valuation approach or discounted cashflow modelling.

6. Specialist Property

Real estate development is not limited to commercial, residential and industrial properties and our experienced valuers also conduct valuations of golf courses, hospitals, airports, entertainment complexes, agricultural land and infrastructure, etc.

Due to the current credit crisis there is a growing number of properties and projects that are requiring an increased involvement of a receiver, administrator, liquidator, bank or financier.

The practical and legal obligations in these circumstances are onerous and complex and in most situations there is a statutory duty to obtain the best possible price for the assets. Valuation Services

PDReal has the experience and resources to professionally work with these groups to:

  1. Understand and evaluate the real estate assets
  2. Identify opportunities to maximize the assets value or saleability in the market: eg: finalize government approvals, adjusting the product type, completing minor construction, readjusting leases, etc
  3. Create a plan and timeline to dispose the asset and realize the maximum funds for the creditors

PDReal can offer a full service team of property experts to work in these difficult and potentially litigious situations.

Further, via our existing database of over 100  investors, developers and builders and a process of target marketing the asset at local, national or international groups, we can ensure that we can assist to comfortably meet everybody’s fiduciary duties and maximize the value of the asset. Valuation Services

PDReal is engaged on a case by case basis to provide specific real estate related consulting by leveraging its experience in developing and advising on a number of projects. Valuation Services

Below is a list of typical assignments that are undertaken, although a scope of works can be designed to deliver any clients requirements. Valuation Services

  1. Appraisals
  2. Review and Critique of Third-Party Appraisals
  3. Market and Competition Studies
  4. Development Cost Estimates
  5. Development Feasibility Reports
  6. Due-Diligence Reporting
  7. Project SWOT Analysis
  8. Review of Project-Specific Potential Green/Sustainable Design Features