Industrial Land For Sale HCMC02

Industrial Land For Sale HCMC02
Củ Chi, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
For Sale - Industrial Land For Lease/Sale

Industrial Land For Sale HCMC02

Occupies a strategic position between two key hot spots: Ho Chi Minh City itself, complete with its financial, scientific and human resources, and Binh Duong Province, the nation’s top regional recipient of foreign direct investment.

The Park also benefits from the supporting industries of the Southern Key Economic Zone and has the advantage of easy access to both inland transportation and waterway links. For qualified managers living in Ho Chi Minh City, the Park represents a short commute; for laborers in the immediate area it represents a good source of steady employment.

Industrial Land For Sale HCMC02 will implement a comprehensive investment plan, completing the infrastructure and amenities needed to ensure viable long-term leasing.

Industrial Land For Sales HCMC02 will give priority to clean and efficient hi-tech operations in sectors such as mechanical engineering, information technology, chemical processing (pharmaceutical products, herbal medicines, high-grade plastics), construction materials, furniture manufacturing, and sports equipment manufacturing.

Industrial Land For Sale HCMC02 has established several other essential services to cater to the needs of the working population, all delivered within the park itself. These include on-site customs, on-site ICD, dormitories, ready-built factories and warehouses, one-stop management centers, and tree lined outdoor relaxation areas.

Strategic location

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, the country’s economic heart. Bordering Binh Duong to the North-East, Tay Ninh to the North-West, HCM City itself to the South and Long An to the West.

  • 26 km Ho Chi Minh City Center
  • 01 km Binh Duong Province
  • 21 km Tan Son Nhat Airport
  • 10 km Trans-Asia Highway (HCM City-Cambodia)
  • 18 km North-West Urban Area of HCM City
  • 42 km Hiep Phuoc Container Port
  • 25 km Phuoc Long Internal Container Depot
  • 56 km Moc Bai Border-gate
  • 24 km Saigon Railway Station
  • 29 km Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province

Infrastructure: Total Area: 338 ha

  • Factories: 181 ha
  • Warehouse: 19 ha
  • Road: 38 ha
  • Integrated logistic center: 11 ha
  • Green parks: 37 ha
  • Residential area: 55 ha

Power supply

From 3 stable sources (110/22 KV)

  • On-site substation capacity of 2 x 63 MVA
  • Tan Quy substation capacity of 2 x 63 MVA
  • 15- 22 KV power line networks.

Water supply: from 3 sources 

  • On-site water treatment plant, capacity 15,000m3/day
  • Tan Hiep water treatment plant, capacity 300,000m/day
  • Thu Dau Mot water treatment plant, capacity 200,000m/day

Waste Water treatment

  • Capacity 15,000 m3/day, meet QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT Type A standards
  • Large, modern center for collection and classification of solid waste.

Transportation system

  • Main road: 6 lanes with 40m in width
  • Internal road: 2- 4 lanes with 18- 29m in width


  • Broadband ADSL service, telecommunication with IDD, fiber optic capabilities, Leased line.


  • On-site Customs office
  • On-site ICD, Integrated Logistic Center
  • Bank, Post Office, Commercial Center
  • School, Hospital, Dormitory, Housing

Type of Industries: The key productions are given priority to invest

  • Mechanical engineering: automobile manufacture and assembly localization and satellite factories, machinery in service of agriculture and processing industries, manufacture of electric, mechanical-electronic (macaronis) equipment and industrial robots, cable, manufacture of health care equipment, home appliance equipment.
  • Electronics-information technology: accessories, spare parts, industrial electronic and telecommunication electronic products, home appliance electronic products, computers, export software, electronic-informatics services, research and development (R&D).
  • Chemical industry: production of chemical-pharmaceutical products, herbal medicines and medical drugs, high-grade plastic and rubber technical products.
  • Construction materials, furniture, sport equipment
  • Clean and efficient hi-tech operations.


  • On-site water and power supply systems satisfy the factories’ demand
  • Telecommunication, post office
  • Standard water and waste treatment systems.
  • On-site Customs Office, Banks, On-site internal container depot (ICD)
  • Dormitory, bus route, shopping area, schools, hospital, administration offices…
  • Standard factory
  • Standard security, firefighting systems
  • Green trees in park for a clean and airy environment.

Land Rental

  • Lease term: until to 2058
  • Leasing price: Please contact us for updating price.
  • Minimum square: 10,000 m2

Note: The above price is subject to change without prior notice.

Please contact us for its details any available spaces.

Terms of Services: We, PD Real Estate Co., Ltd will take one percent (01%) of total selling price from the buyer for successful recommendation. The commission will be paid by the buyer to PD Real Estate Co., Ltd, when the buyer signs the buying/selling contract or pays security deposit, whichever comes earlier. 

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