Work Permit (WP)

Work permit services for foreign workers with PDReal

A WP enables foreign workers in Vietnam to be employed and conduct business activities that result in profits.

The work permit is a mandatory document for foreign workers to work legally in Vietnam. If the foreigners working in Vietnam do not have this document, they will be deported back to their country and the enterprise employing foreign workers may be fined up to $6500.

A work permit is granted by Vietnam’s Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs

Does your company have a demand for applying for work permit for foreign workers? Is a foreign worker’s work permit damaged, lost, nearly expired, or need to adjust any information therein? Do you want to know the most updated provisions applicable to foreign workers in Vietnam?

Do complicated administrative procedures make you get in difficulties? Contact us for exact and most up-to-date information. We are confident to provide the best solution to your situation, thereby, help you save time and money, and guarantee to deliver work permit at the soonest possible time.

1. Consult full information, including:

Regulations on applying the work permits for foreigners in Vietnam

Documents preparation for applying for work permit following regulations.

Procedures of making Judicial Records for foreigners in Vietnam

Procedures and locations for making Health Check Certificates to complete the work permits application based on the provisions of law.

Support the process of notarized translation and consular legalization of documents for work permit application.

Cases of work permit exemption and procedures for applying for work permit exemption.

2. Fill out the necessary declarations.

3. Check if the application for a WP in Vietnam is logical and support to adjust if necessary.

4. Complete the application for a WP.

5. PDReal carries out procedures for applying for WP at competent state agencies.

6. Update the company on the status of the application review

Essential Information.

1. Who needs to apply for work permit in Vietnam?

Foreigners belong to these cases:

– Performing a labor contract

– Moving within the business

– Performing various types of contracts or agreements on economic, commercial, financial, banking, insurance, scientific and technical, cultural, sports, educational, vocational, and medical education

– Providing contracted services

– Offering services

– Volunteers

– Having responsibility for establishing a commercial presence.

– Managers, executives, experts, and foreign technical workers.

– Participating in the implementation of bidding packages and projects in Vietnam.

2. Required documents from customers

– Health check certification

– Bachelor’s degree (or higher)

– Judicial Records (issued within 180 days)

– Working experience confirmation document from the former employer

– Passport

– 2 portrait 4x6cm photos (white background)


– Health certificate and Judicial Record are done in Vietnam.

– Passport, Degree, working experience need 02 legalized/notarized copies at Vietnamese Consulate or Notarization Office

3. Process of work permit application at PDReal

– Step 1: PDReal receives required information and scanned documents from client via email.

– Step 2: Client signs contract and make full payment

– Step 3: PDReal prepares all paperwork and receives signed documents from client.

– Step 4: PDReal submits documents to the authorities and provides WP to client within 25-45 working days


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