Industrial land for sale HCMC03

Industrial land for sale HCMC03
Củ Chi, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
For Sale - Industrial Land For Lease/Sale
5000 sq.m

Industrial land for sale HCMC03

Industrial land: 542.6423 ha including:

  • Land for construction of the plant: 359.1597ha including construction land for lease: 309.8289ha and existing plant land for retaining: 49.3308 ha.
  • Land for storage and yard: 18.2281ha
  • Land for service administration area: 18.3988 ha


  • A area: 85,0585 m2
  • B area: 94,7039 m2
  • C area: 99,9980 m2
  • D area: 31,7127 m2
  • Minimum land area for lease: 5,000 m2
  • Leasing price: Please contact us for best offer
  • Maximum construction density in the industrial construction land lot is 70% and accordant with Vietnamese construction standard 01:2008/BXD; minimum and maximum floors: 1 – 4 floors.


  1. Building line:
    In the industrial zone, land lots have setback line from 6m to 8m (subject to road width) comparing to land boundary adjoining to traffic road surface
  2. Standards on construction of fence: 
    All houses and factories are consistent in construction according to a similar design of fence and entrance gates in order to ensure landscapes in the whole industrial zone.
    Fence height: 2.4 m
    ‒ Adjacent to the front of the road: construction of fence with gaps (flower shaped iron fence).
    ‒ Adjacent to the areas of other Enterprises: construction of brick walls.
  3. Construction boundary:
    Setback line of house and factory construction works (from the fence): ≥ 6m
    Especially for setback line of D2 road: ≥ 8m

Built – Manufactured Factories

Standard factories:

Factory excluding office: Front side: 01 ground floor, 1 floor or 01 ground floor, 2 floors with reinforced concrete structure and floating plaster ceiling.

Entrance gates include 01 main glass door 12mm thick with its hinge on the floor slab, 01 glass emergency exit 8mm thick, water –base painted walls 20cm thick and a toilet inside the Office.

  • Factory  including office


  • Factory aperture: 25m → 45 m
  • Reinforced concrete piles constructed by piling method.
  • Major load bearing system: monolithic reinforced concrete foundation and grade beam beneath and shaped steel truss on the top.
  • Factory frame: by built-up section with two layers of anti-rust paint and two finishing layers.
  • Factory walls: the height from Factory floor slab to ridge vent is 12m, to column shoulder is 8m including: brick wall 20cm thick and 1.2 high and wall steel sheet 6.8m high by PPGI/PPGL interleaving with translucent roofing.
  • Roof: PPGI/PPGL roofed on the top of purlin frame with insulated 02- faced aluminum layer 0.45mm thick installed 100mm under the tole roof of the workshop
  • Steel purlin system supports tole roof, walls and ridge vent.
  • Ridge vent and insulated 02- faced aluminum layer 0.45mm thick installed fully under the tole roof of the workshop.
  • Factory floor slab: backfilling sand, stone layer 0x4 thick (compacted according to designed load), a nylon layer on the ground and a welded steel net 6-A200.
  • Factory floor slab: stone concrete layer 1×2 Grade 200 with smooth surface rendering and anti-crack construction joints 80÷100 mm thick
  • Road gradient for container: to ensure load capacity of 40 feet- container.
  • The internal road 4.5 – 5m wide is constructed in one side of main gate to ensure load capacity of 40 feet container.
  • One main gate with minimum 4m wide; 06 emergency gates with 2m wide and two toilets.
  • Water tank for firefighting and prevention in the Factory yard with capacity of 30 m3 or 54 m3. Fire hoses arranged on the wall or outside Factory walls.
  • Firefighting and prevention system is placed on the wall 1.2m high inside workshop.

Geographical location: 
Located in the Northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, The North is contiguous to Tay Ninh Province, the East is contiguous to Binh Duong Province, the West is contiguous to Long An Province and the South is contiguous to Hoc Mon District, belonging to Northwest Urban Planning Area of the City with the area of 6,000 ha.

  • Away from Ho Chi Minh City: 25 km
  • Away from Tan Son Nhat Airport: 15 km
  • Away from Saigon Port: 27 km

Investment Incentives

  • 2 Years free 100% and 4 Years free 50% tax reduction.


  • The big and fresh resource of land and good geology is good condition for investors to choose appropriate lands which being suitable to business purpose and reducing the fee of building investment.

Synchronously Planning

  • The various-industries industrial zone with 542ha
  • Residential area for experts and workers with 48ha.
  • Belonging to Northwest Urban Planning Area of the City with the area of 6,000 ha consisting of ecological urban area, International University Village, gold garden, Hospital, etc.

Labor forces

  • Plentiful and skillful labor forces in the area and contiguous areas are always ready to respond to enterprises investing in this Industrial land for sale HCMC03

Reasonable price and complete service:

  • Flexible methods of payment.
  • Competitive price and reasonable cost.
  • Package service of consultant and support.

Note: Information about the property and its availability are subject to change without notice.

Please contact us for its details any best offers.

Terms of Services: We, PD Real Estate Co., Ltd will take one percent (01%) of total selling price from the buyer for successful recommendation. The commission will be paid by the buyer to PD Real Estate Co., Ltd, when the buyer signs the buying/selling contract or pays security deposit, whichever comes earlier.

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